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  • Removal & Rescue Services for all of Lake County, IL

    . I.W.C. will remove nuisance wildlife and ensure a permanant solution by installing wildlife barriers to exclude any pests.

    We offer expert repair of damage caused by animals and we will submit claims to your insurance provider.

    • Thorough Property Inspections
    • Animals Captured, Rescued and Relocated
    • Dead Animals Removed - Cleanup & Odor Control
    • Village and Property Association Management Contracts
    • Consultation Concerning Wildlife Issues in Lake County

    NO Dog or Cat calls! Thank you.
    Learn to live with and enjoy wildlife
    while protecting your health and investments.

    Nuisance Wildlife Removal relocation and repair of damage caused by wildlife as well as consultation concerning wildlife issues within Lake Co., are provided by our D.N.R. certified animal control specialists. I.W.C. technicians perform Raccoon removal, Skunk removal, Beaver removal, Chipmunk removal, and removal of any wildlife species in Lake County, IL. From Antioch to Lake Forest, Libertyville to Lake Zurich, Gurnee to Lincolnshire, we service every community within Lake County Illinois.

    If you reside in Lake County IL and have a Wildlife problem, contact our office. For Lake County, IL Animal Control & Wildlife removal services call 815-337-2719. I.W.C. can prevent future incidents by installing wildlife barriers and by offering wildlife management techniques and tips to help you protect your health and property.

    PLEASE NO DOG or DOMESTIC CAT Calls! Lost, found, injured or abandoned Dogs or Cats must be reported to the Health Depts. Animal Div. or the A.S.P.C.A.. Illinois Wildlife ControlTM services only WILD Animal and FERAL Cat complaints.

    DAMAGE caused by Wildlife: Whether to a private residence, business office, or commercial structure. Homeowners and Property insurance policies cover many situations involving nuisance animals. There may be NO out of pocket costs. Contact us for details. Call us or click the link above to our main Website.

    Lake County Illinois Animal Control & IL Wildlife Removal Services.

    D.N.R. Licensee
    C.L. Insured

    Illinois Wildlife ControlTM and Lake County, IL Animal Control wildlife removal & rescue services communities throughout Lake County. Villages such as Bannockburn, Hainsville, Grass Lake, Beach Park, Diamond Lake, Druce Lake, Knollwood and Highwood are listed. Aptakisic, Grandwood Park, Park City, and Rosecrans call IL animal control. The Townships of Warren, Zion, West Deerfield, Antioch, Wauconda, Lake Villa, Vernon and Libertyville are on file with reports of Coyote sightings.

    Requests for Long Grove Coyote Removal, Libertyville Beaver Removal, Lake Zurich Groundhog, Vernon Hills Opossum, and Wauconda Woodchuck removal are on the rise. Kildeer, Deer Park, Tower Lakes, Long Lake, Prairie View, Mettawa and Half Day as well as Hawthorn Woods Skunk Removal complaints come into our Lake County office daily. Antioch wildlife control, also Volo and Fox Lake wildlife removal remain steady. North Barrington, IL Animal Control, Barrington, IL Wildlife Removal and Muskrat removal in Lake Barrington are also increasing each year. Island Lake, Ingleside Mundelein, Wildwood and Third Lake have nuisance Raccoon removal problems. Bats in Lake County, Illinois have tested positive for the Rabies virus. The virus can be transmitted to Raccoon, Skunk, Coyote and Fox. Other Mammals such as Squirrel and Woodchuck ( Groundhog ) can carry the Rabies virus but it is rare. DO NOT HANDLE WILDLIFE! Opossum carry and transmit the Equine E.P.M. Disease to Horses. Residents in Lake County near Millburn, Wadsworth, Russell, Zion, Libertyville, Ivanhoe and Riverwoods where horses are boarded must be aware of the need to trap and remove Opossum from Barns and Horse Stables.

    Lake Forest raccoon removal, Deerfield squirrel removal and all wildlife removal and rescue in Lake Bluff, Forest Lake, Highland Park, Green Oaks, and Deerpath are on the increase according to information provided by Illinois Wildlife ControlTM. Lake County Illinois Animal Control continues to receive Skunk, Raccoon, Bat, and Feral Cat calls from the Round Lake Area including Round Lake Beach and Round Lake Park. Grayslake Bat removal, Lake Villa Animal removal, and Gurnee Wildlife Removal, requests show an ever increasing need for Animal rescue relocation and wildlife services. Lindenhurst and Lincolnshire Chipmunk Removal services are a consequence of the many Oak trees in the county supplying Squirrel and Chipmunk with Acorns.

    Lake County Illinois Animal Control wildlife removal and rescue operations are most active in areas where there are large stands of nut bearing trees with waterways running nearby. The Des Plaines river and numerous small creeks make villages like Lincolnshire, Libertyville, Hawthorn Woods, Gurnee and Deerfield prime Beaver and Raccoon areas. An example is Riverwoods snake removal and nuisance wildlife control. The Chain OíLakes area, towns of Fox Lake, Antioch, Channel Lake, Lake Villa, and Ingleside have many Beaver removal complaints. Where as the wooded areas near Lake Michigan have Raccoon removal and Coyote removal concerns. Lake County IL Animal Control suggests these would be the areas including Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Highwood, Highland Park, and Winthrop Harbor. I.W.C. offers "Living with Wildlife" management. Raccoon may live in a chimney, attic, garage, shed or under a deck. Coyotes may attack pets and other wildlife, destroy gardens and cause problems at tree nursery and landscape farms. Garden Center and Landscape contractors receive reports of Beaver destroying ornamental trees. IL animal removal services are an option as is IL wildlife removal.

    There are high populations of Chipmunk, Coyote, and Skunk in Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Deer Park and Long Grove. Police Department, Sheriffs Dept., Humane Society, Highway Commissioner, Parks Department, and Public Works: contact a trapper from Illinois Wildlife ControlTMís Lake Co. office for Lake County IL Animal Control services. IL wildlife removal services including rescue and humane relocation for the following city, village, town or subdivision is provided by Lake Co. IL animal control and wildlife. Creekside of Long Grove, Echo Lake, Beaver Creek, The Orchards, Oak Grove and Sturm Subdivision. The Ponds, Lake Zurich Heights, Fox Lake Hills, and Lotus Woods are communities with IL animal control issues. Channel Lake and Wadsworth in northern Lake County register nuisance wildlife complaints with IL wildlife control as does West Lake Forest, Sylvan Lake and Grayslake.

    Wildlife Gone Wild?TM is an advertising slogan of Illinois Wildlife ControlTM.

    Live trapping and Humane animal removal techniques are Lake Co. IL animal control and wildlife removalís preferred methods for wildlife rescue and animal relocation. Living with Wildlife in Illinois should be an enjoyable experience. But Living with Wildlife in Illinois that become a nuisance pest or problem animal can be a risk to health safety and property. Call 815-337-2719

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